You called, I answered

Perhaps if I tumblr religiously, one day I'll look back at my past and acknowledge that I have truly lived and loved every day of my life.

Be clear about what you want

"You know, I really thought we could work things out as friends. I haven’t been thinking about you much at all. In fact, I’ve given up on you.

We don’t even talk anymore, and even if we do, it seems like we’re skirting around the issue, sticking to only the superficial stuff. Once again, I’ve lost my best friend. But, I still consider you a good friend. We have a great friendship. It’d be a waste to let it go like that. I really hope to talk things out with you. But truly, thank you for everything”

Hi there,

You’d think that after losing your father, things will slow down and you’d take the time you need to get through it. But that’s not reality is it? Life just keeps coming at you. Adversity will not stop flapping its wings in your face.

I have so many things going for me this year. Ask me if I’m tired. I’ll tell you yes. But it’s the kind of tiredness that you get after finishing a run you intended to complete. The kind that is filled with relief because you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out to do and that’s meaningful. It’s purposeful.

I don’t see my weekends as a sacrifice to God anymore. I see serving as an honour. Here I am: a weak-willed, unfaithful and downtrodden individual. But there You are, leading me every step of the way.

You know my innermost thoughts. What I long for. What I’m susceptible to. What I’m destined for. My heart aches to know what Your purpose for my life is.

If I know what You want, I’ll know what I want. If I’m clear about what I want, I’d have an easier time pursuing Your cause, relentlessly. All these distractions, they’ll fade away when Your spirit captures my heart with Your call.

You and I, together as one, touching lives and influencing people. Worship. How I love being with You in worship. You alone know my hurts, my pains, my joys and my laughter. 

Even though I hate being in LARC V so much, I absolutely love that You are in control and that You have placed me here for a reason. I can see myself growing as a person and as a leader. 

With this, I will be a better classmate than I was in Poly. Help me Lord. Prepare the way before me. When I enter into NTU, bring me into your Divine Purpose and unleash Your supernatural power over my life.

Give me the grace to be disciplined for You. Give me the heart that wants to please you. Make Your pleasures, my pleasure. This I ask of You O God. 

Nothing else matters. Not any girl, not any superior, not my self-worth, not my ministry, not my relationships, nothing in this world will do.

Jesus be the centre of it all.